Life is like traveling on the highway. You’re having fun speeding down the road‚ then all of a sudden you hit a bump that spins you out of control. You’re forced to get off at the next exit. Stranded, broken down and thrown into chaos‚ you begin the struggle to repair what was broken — to heal. It’s only then that you can get back on the highway.

Since the death of my brother Wayne in a tragic auto accident‚ not a day passes that I don’t think of him. I reflect upon how life has changed since his untimely absence. The death of a loved one is an event that all of us are likely to experience during our life-time. Instead of being sad when I think of my brother Wayne’s death‚ I’ve decided to associate his life with new beginnings.

During all this sadness and chaos, I found myself pregnant with my second child. I became happy with the idea of having a “little king”‚ a superhero in training. It brought me comfort and a sense of peace.

My doctors had given me my due date of January 23rd, one year later, the exact day my brother was taken from my family. I stood there in the doctor’s office in silence and disbelief‚ not understanding how I was given that date – how strange. On February 13‚ 2012 my son was born. I decided to give him my brother Wayne’s first and middle name.

Before my son’s conception I was driven to climb the corporate ladder at any cost. After his birth, I began to realize what was important — family‚ friends and most of all‚ living. Creating something meaningful with my life. I’ve made it a point to live my life to the fullest because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I’m happy to be a mother to my children. We talk‚ laugh and play every day. When I look at them‚ I see hope. I see possibilities.

In homage to all that i’ve been through — my pain, struggles and happiness — i’ve created a brand dedicated to celebrating life and everyday heroes. To teach my children to do whatever it takes to fight when life hits them hard. To stand even when it hurts and to cry their tears, but get back up.

The Brand

Wayne Anthony is a family owned motivational brand that respects your life’s journey. Life takes a great deal of resilience — you should never stop passionately living your dream. Our goal is to provide you with inspiring products that keep your head and heart moving in the right direction.

Our tees are made with 100% relentless cotton and are available in a variety of bold colors and sizes to compliment any wardrobe. Plus, they’re softly shaped to complement a woman’s curves. Be Unique. Shop our bold colors t-shirts and complementary accessories.

Be Heroic. Be You. #ShopWayneAnthony

-Wendy Jacob, Mother + CEO

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